We add Flavour to your Multitrack

Say What?

What is Flavour?

Flavour is an online service provided by Daft Studios.
Using our unique gear collection and our skills, we add flavour to your multitrack before you start mixing.

To put it simply: we make your multitracks sound better.
Mixing will be much easier after we process your multitracks.
As a complimentary service, we offer a complete online mix service.

Flavour is not an automated process.
Our own reknown Daft Studios engineers have a personal approach when working on your tracks. They will use their skills, experience, musicianship and follow your lead to sculpt your sound.

Flavour is not a technical process.
It is a creative endeavour. We will use our studio and skills to add character to your mix, respecting your wishes and needs. We want to help you to build an original sounding mix.

We use our Daft Studios analog equipment and acoustics to flavour your sound without compromise: Rupert Neve 5088 analog mixing desk, reamping through our recording hall, Urei LA3, Urei 1176, Pultec Eq’s,…

Let’s hear it

What do we offer?

  • Analog processing of your multitrack through our Rupert Neve 5088 Shelford Mixing desk: adding some fairy dust with the RND5051 EQ’s, silk factor adding harmonics and a tad of Neve 2254 style compression using our Rupert Neve 5051 Shelford Compressors.
  • Add a stereo parallel compressed drums/beats track to give the rhythm section the energy and punch it needs.
  • Add a stereo echo chamber track of your drums, by reamping your drums to the Daft Studios recording hall, and recording the acoustics with a pair of vintage Neumann M269’s.
  • Add a stereo reverb track from our AMS RMX16 unit. Don’t worry, your reference tracks and our experience will give the song just that right reverb.
  • We color your tracks and add some magic with our legendary collection of outboard gear: Urei LA3, Urei 1176, Pultec Eq’s, Eventide Omnipressor, …
  • If you prefer, we can also take care of the complete mix of your song.

Let’s hear it

How does it work?

  1. Upload your multitrack on our platform.
  2. For each track:
    • Comment on what sound you need
    • Optionally add a reference track
    • Choose processing options by ticking boxes or using dropdown menus.
  3. Get your enhanced multitrack back, better sounding, and ready to mix within 7 days.


Minimum upload is 4 tracks.
Tracks have to be part of the same song.

04–08 tracks €14.00/track
09–16 tracks €12.00/track
17–24 tracks €10.00/track
25–32 tracks €08.00/track

More than 32 tracks? Contact us for a detailed quote.

Complete online mix (including one revision) €425.00

Let’s Hear It

Flavoured Audio Demos

Add Daft Echo Chamber on drums

This adds our characteristic Daft Studios echo chamber acoustics to your track.
Nothing beats a real echo chamber sound. You can compare it to a long reverb, but it has a sense of ‘reality’ to it that you simply will not achieve with a reverb plugin.


Add Rupert Neve 5052 Shelford drive on drums

The Rupert Neve 5052 Shelford preamp is a modern evolution of an iconic vintage design, the Neve 1073 preamp. The 1073 has been used on more famous recordings than one can possibly count. When you drive this preamp, ‘magic’ happens. The added harmonic distortion is powerful and warm without aggression or loss of definition.


Add Rupert Neve Shelford 5051 Shelford parallel compression on drums

Adding parallel compression drums or beat sections adds thump, punch and vibe, no doubt about that. We use the Neve 5051 Shelford compressors to achieve this. The Rupert Neve 5051 Shelford design was inspired by the iconic Neve 2254 compressor.


Add AMS RMX16 Reverb on vocals

The AMS RMX16 Reverb is much more than just an incredible nonlinear reverb for snare drums; it’s also a fantastic vocal reverb and great for short reverbs of your entire drum buss.


Add Rupert Neve 5052 Shelford EQ on drums

In some senses, the Rupert Neve 5051 is a bit of a ‘greatest hits’ EQ, with the low–frequency band being based on that of the Neve 1064, the 1073 supplying the mid-range’s inspiration, and the high–frequency circuitry being a hybrid of the 1073’s inductor and modern capacitor componentry. This is an EQ that is so musical you can push it to its limits without loosing authenticity in your sound. The more you add, the more magic happens…


Add Rupert Neve 5052 Shelford EQ on guitar

This is a good example of adding tone and ring with the 5051 EQ.
Agreed, this is not a subtle EQ setting, but it’s just what you need to put this acoustic guitar in your mix, whilst keeping the musicality and authenticity.


Add Flavour to your mix

The right combination of all our tools and skills will add flavour to your multitrack, making it easier to finish your mix in the box.